Manna Ministries


The Emmanuel Baptist Church Food Pantry (Manna Ministries) has been serving families in the Grand Rapids area since 2005.

Established as a safety net to low income families who are struggling, Manna Ministries serves those in need by providing a wide range of food, vitamin and household items.

After a recipient has registered, they are welcome to participate in Manna Ministries’ distribution of food one time per month in order to conserve resources for other needy families.


Manna Ministries is available for food distribution every Thursday by appointment between 2:00–5:00pm.

Food is not distributed on Sunday Mornings, as this time is geared toward our worship and ministry outreaches.

Food may be distributed after our Sunday and Wednesday evenings services if the Pantry Director is given advanced notice and only if the recipient attends the service entirely.

Food amount is distributed upon the discretion of the Pantry Director and the current level of pantry stock.


If you or someone you know could benefit from Manna Ministries or for more information about this program, contact our Food Pantry Director, Lee Zittel through the email below, at 784-3185 or the church at 647-4088.

Manna Ministries

Emmanuel Baptist Church Food Pantry


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