Harvest Days 2013

imagesIt is Harvest Days again at Emmanuel Baptist Church. We want God to give us a Harvest of souls and new additions to our church family. This will be possible if we #1 Pray #2 Soulwin #3 Invite People and #4 Be Faithful ourselves these next 5 weeks. It all builds to our Finale Sunday/Pumpkin Sunday on Oct 27th. Bob Gray, Sr will be joining us all day. Praying/working towards having our biggest day yet at our current location (Over 200!)


Sept 29 – Birthday Bash! (Pastor’s Birthday)

  • No matter how young or old, let’s celebrate!

Oct 6 – Celebrate Art Sunday

  • Bring your artistic masterpieces

Oct 13 – Sweetest Sunday

  • Bring your Sweetheart to Church
  • Chocolates for everyone

Oct 20 – Amigo Sunday

  • Chili cook-off
  • Piñatas, Mexican outfits, special Spanish music

Oct 27 – Pumpkin Sunday

  • Guest Preacher – Bob Gray, Sr.
  • Free pumpkin for everyone at the Morning Service
  • Pie Fellowship after Evening Service

3P Ministry!


Pastor’s Prayer Partners


The Bible says much about prayer – from commands to pray and numerous examples of saints who did pray, to the book of Psalms which is dense with prayers and Jesus’ own model prayer – the believer cannot easily escape the need for and truth of prayer!

Have you ever thought of the awesome power of prayer? Have you ever really considered just Who prayer puts you in contact with? Even in this modern world of instant communication (telephones, cellphones, text, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, social media, instant messaging, etc.) nothing comes close to how instantaneous prayer propels you from earth to Heaven!

Hebrews 4:16 speaks of a “throne of grace.” I do not have all the divine components of prayer figured out but this verse seems to reveal that when I bow my heart here, I am spiritually (and just as literally) brought before the very throne of God! Wow! Talk about a time/space/dimension warp! I am placed in the heavenlies (Eph 1:3) so I can speak to my Heavenly Father!

It is hard to imagine that though we are afforded such honor and privilege as to speak with our God, Creator and Saviour that some Christians do not find it important enough to pray! We see it important to talk to everyone else about everything else but ignore the one Person who eternally matters!

We need a renewal of prayer in the life of EBC. Like the disciples, we need to say, “Lord teach us to pray (Luke 11:1)” and then set about striving together in this divine endeavor (Rom 15:30)!

I am excited to commense a brand new ministry at EBC – 3P (Pastor’s Prayer Partners)! I look forward to God manifesting His work through us as this “small band of brothers” joins me at the throne!

June for Jesus!

At Emmanuel Baptist Church, we have designated June as “June for Jesus!” We are dedicating this month to Jesus as we give Hm our hearts, our lives, our thoughts and our actions. With school out, vacations scheduled and long lazy summer days, these summer months can often be a time when our normal schedule is out of whack and our spiritual lives can be easily crowded out. We do not want a day to go by though without spending time in prayer, Bible study and sharing God’s love. Determine to start the summer off right! We have passed out commitment cards as a way of focusing ourselves on the eternal. You may find this helpful in enabling a degree of spiritual fervor and faithfulness.

“June for Jesus” Commitment Card
Between myself and Christ, I hereby resolve for the next 30 days
to pray daily over the following summer-time commitments:

• Remain Committed to Christ by Attitude and Action [ ]
• Daily Prayer [ ] Read/Study Bible [ ]
• Be Faithful to Sunday School Class [ ] the AM Service [ ]
• Be Faithful to the PM Service [ ] Weds Service [ ]
• Be Faithful in the Giving of Tithes [ ] Offerings [ ]
• Share my Faith [ ] Pass Out Gospel Tracts [ ]

• Pray for Emmanuel Baptist Church [ ]
• Pray for Pastor [ ] Ministries [ ] Missionaries [ ]
• Salvations [ ] New Guests [ ] Baptisms [ ] New Members [ ]

Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________


God bless your efforts to live for Christ. Matt 16:33.

Thoughts to follow shortly!