I’m New!


We enjoy first-time teen/adult visitors just about every week of the year. More than just being a “visitor,” we want you to feel like an honored guest. A common remark heard from those who visit is concerning how friendly we are. We  like to think that is more than just politeness – you’ll have to come to find out for yourself though! Here are a few common questions and answers about visiting Emmanuel Baptist Church that will help you enjoy your first visit:

What should I expect?

Emmanuel Baptist Church is an inner-city congregation of regular folks who have a sincere desire to grow in Christ. We are a diverse group of people who find unity and union at the foot of the Cross, in obedience to His Word and in the fellowship of His local church. Nobody at EBC is perfect; in fact, many struggle greatly in life and in sin. Our common value is the love, grace and forgiveness of Christ!

What are your services like?

Our church could be described as “traditional” or conservative and our services are as such. During any one of our services, you will experience a sincere and Spirit-filled atmosphere where you will enjoy uplifting, revival-styled congregational music, along with heartfelt specials by many of our members. The foundation and focus of all we do is the Word of God. Each service  then has  a clear, helpful, and challenging Bible message from Pastor Jackson. Ther services average approximately 60-75 minutes.

What should I wear?

EBC leadership wears traditional “church clothes” but specific attire is not required for anyone to attend; our members wear a variety of styles of clothing. We think it makes sense to wear nice, clean, modest clothing to church. As long as you do that – you will not feel out of place!

What version of Bible the do you use?

We teach and preach from the King James Bible.  We believe it is the inspired, preserved Word of God for English speaking peoples.

Do you have a nursery?

Yes. Nursery is provided during all services for children under 3 years of age.

Is it okay to bring my children into the preaching service?

Yes, most definitely! Some young children may find it difficult to leave their parents in an unfamiliar setting (or visa versa).  We hope that families who begin to attend our church will come to appreciate the value of their children developing close friendships with their peers in the context of the thier own age-appropriate class.

Do visitors have to stand up and say anything?

The pastor may acknowlege you as being our honored guest but that’s it! We will simply give you a Guest Card and ask you to drop it in the offering plate so we can have a record of your visit.

How big is Emmanuel Baptist Church?

At this time, we have anywhere from 120-160 people who attend on Sunday morning.